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How do you contact customer support

So basically I had a quest where I needed to give Patrick a smoothie, but I didnt have the juice bar yet. I clicked on make more and it took me to the screen so obviously I was like, "oh awesome!" I made one and it had 24 hr left so I waited till next day where the juice bar was built, and I went in the juice bar to collect the smoothie, when the 24 hr turned to 213503923346002256 days no frickin joke. I need to contact support but dont know how. Anyone know?

Love This Cute Game!

Although I do not like the fact that you have to pay money to buy the game, it is still a wonderful game!

Fun only at the beginning.

Fun only at the beginning. Dont buy

Lazy developers are finished :(

All we want is more land. They made a fake update to clear out the bad reviews and appoint people to write good ones. I am quite disappointed. No updates for the game and no foreseeable changes in the future. Please fill the void with some other spongebob app at least...

Glitches Move In - iPhone 7 Plus

Construction glitches where it pulls up all the "Speed Up?" Pop ups and also, if Im building a building, the structure will show up a few blocks away from the construction site but I can still place things there etc. Also sometimes I get this thing where Ill be making ketchup or something and it suddenly says itll take like 52627388282 days 6 hours to complete and I have to exit the app and come back. Fun game but SUPER glitchy, needs a lot of bug fixes!


Ive love this game but guess what nick said nah bruh let me RESET your spongebob moves in progress!!! NOT ONLY THAT THE APP WASTED $3.00 that I was saving!!!!! What a ripoff hate this game!!!!

Fun game but lots of bugs and glitches

Game definitely needs an update to fix bugs and glitches. Many times characters come up scrambled and game freezes or boots me out. Overall, its a pretty fun game besides the bugs.


I was so excited to play this game, until it just kept taking me out! It said that the game has suddenly quit!!!!! Please fix...... PLEASE!

Почему вы её забросили, разработчики ??? (Why did you forgot about your game, developers???)

Игра очень хорошая и как человек, который сам создаёт игры, скажу, что вы проделали очень большую работу, но почему вы забыли о своём детище ? Обновлений уже давно не было, даже ивентов, да я и не уверен, что вы это прочитаете. Конечно, игра очень ламповая, приятная и расслабляющая, но виснет каждый раз, когда в ней что-то происходит, Расширьте пожалуйста территорию, некуда ставить дома и прочее, Добавьте ещё квестов, конечно однообразные квесты, в которых нужно готовить еду, разбавляют игру, но хочется ещё немного сюжетных линий, Пожалуйста, не забрасывайте свою игру, не останавливайтесь на достигнутом, не плюйте в душу игрокам. Благодарю... (The game is very good and as a man who creating games, I say that you have done a great job, but for some reason you forget about your child? Updates was long time ago, even events, but Im not sure that youll read it. Of course, the game is very lamp, nice and relaxing, but it hangs every time something happens in it, Expand please territory, nowhere to put the house and stuff, Add more quests, of course repetitive quests that you need to cook a meal, diluted with the game, but I want some more storylines, Please do not throw your game, do not stop, do not spit into the soul of the players. Thank you ...)

I love this game because of sandy and tom Kenny!

I love this game so much because of sandy and tom Kenny because they do a good job in casting and being in this game! :3 ❤️❤

I lost all of my progress

The game was pretty good for the most part, but one day when I entered the game, I was back at the beginning. I dont know why this happened, but it definitely made me stop playing it.


This Game REALLY Needs A Christmas Update Almost Every Review I Read Says This Game Needs A Christmas Update. So Please Nickelodeon Please Do A Christmas Update!

Eh, OK, but needs some improvements

First off, when you finish with the intro, where does the sound go!? I liked the sound effects, but after I did the intro, they didnt play! I tried doing a lot of things, but it wouldnt come back. I continued playing, but after a day, it was soooo boring.. I couldnt find any more interest in it, so I decided to delete it. It also always crashed, so that was another problem.

Cool game!

This would be five stars, but just update it more with new stuff, because I already beat it, and it is becoming boring. Otherwise, the game is really fun!


Do not buy this game, I started playing it and it was SOOOOOOO boring

Need Christmas Update!!! CHRISTMAS UPDATE!!!!!

Needs a update reached top level plus need stuff to do!! New stuff would be nice to!!! Need a Christmas UPDATE!!!!! Like last year with the elf and all the fun Christmas stuff!!! SOON VERY VERY SOON PLEASE!!! WHERES THE CHRISTMAS UPDATE????!!!!!

Good buuutt......

Its okay but when i was watching the commercial on Nick they made it seem like it was so awesome so I got it when it was the free app of the week just to see if I liked it annnnndddd...... I honesty didnt really like it. I thought it was kinda weird and hard to understand but I mean its okay its not the worst but it isnt the best.


disappointed there is no Christmas update this year.....


I cant even play when I tap it does nothing ps Im rating five so it will go on the top please FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!

The best app game of all time

Best best best best best Best best best best best Best best best best best

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