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Why No More Updates?

I really love this game but how come you havent made any special events of updates since Christmas? It would be really sad if you stopped caring about this game.

I loved this game before

I loved this game before I deleted it b cuz I toke up to much space. I want to download it but it costs money, so plz make it free again I loved it very much and I dont have an iTunes card. PLZ plz oh plz just make it free its not worth having to pay money for it. Its not bad but plz make the game free

Terrible just terrible

The stupid game just wouldnt load so now I wasted my money on a loading picture. UGH

Why no updates

I love this game a lot but I really hope there will be updates soon

Почему вы её забросили, разработчики ??? (Why did you forgot about your game, developers???)

Игра очень хорошая и как человек, который сам создаёт игры, скажу, что вы проделали очень большую работу, но почему вы забыли о своём детище ? Обновлений уже давно не было, даже ивентов, да я и не уверен, что вы это прочитаете. Конечно, игра очень ламповая, приятная и расслабляющая, но виснет каждый раз, когда в ней что-то происходит, Расширьте пожалуйста территорию, некуда ставить дома и прочее, Добавьте ещё квестов, конечно однообразные квесты, в которых нужно готовить еду, разбавляют игру, но хочется ещё немного сюжетных линий, Пожалуйста, не забрасывайте свою игру, не останавливайтесь на достигнутом, не плюйте в душу игрокам. Благодарю... (The game is very good and as a man who creating games, I say that you have done a great job, but for some reason you forget about your child? Updates was long time ago, even events, but Im not sure that youll read it. Of course, the game is very lamp, nice and relaxing, but it hangs every time something happens in it, Expand please territory, nowhere to put the house and stuff, Add more quests, of course repetitive quests that you need to cook a meal, diluted with the game, but I want some more storylines, Please do not throw your game, do not stop, do not spit into the soul of the players. Thank you ...)

No update:(

The whole reason I put this back on my phone was for the holiday updates. Where is the Halloween update?!?!


This game is cool how it relates to sponge bob but no this game is very boring and makes you wait a ton of time. Also to expand your town it costs a lot of coins.




Why did you need an online saved account, I lost all my progress because of that


I want to start the game over cuz I dont know what to do and my town looks like poop but other than that its a good game

Having issues

I love the game. Just cant get the ingredients I need for a rusty on rye sandwich ? WhAt do I do ?

Come on nickelodeon

I have played this game for some time now and I have to say is the people who made this game need to put more work and effort into this game because the buildings and the characters look like paper, they dont look like they fit into the game. This causes the game to lag and crash. Sometimes the crashes so bad that it resets the game and makes you lose your progress. This is a scam that brings people in cause it has a beloved cartoon character. The people who made this game better work on it some more.

My screens cut off

I just got this game and my screens cut off so I cant get past the part were bikini bottom ranks up to level 2 and I cant play please fix

Please update

I love this app, but you really need to update it! I really enjoyed the holiday updates.

Needs Updating!

Im glad that Jelly Fish Fields finally open, but theres so many holiday themed fun that could have been done since then! I enjoyed the holiday elf event a few years back, but havent seen anything like it since. The tournaments should still be going on for daily prizes too! Keep people involved and earning fun stuff!

Wont fix my iPhone 7 screen.

I dont know why but When I open the app the picture is enlarged and I cant click certain things in the game. I have the iPhone 7 but the game screen is to big and cuts off some writing and stuff.

Final Thoughts and Consensus

This game offered a fun environment to explore; but then it left a sluggish performance a year and a half later. I leave a review on this game now mainly because the entire month of October refused a Halloween update, and Im to assume Christmas will not be coming to Bikini Bottom anytime soon. This games major flaw is the lack of competition or any REAL challenge, the NPCs also leave behind a few angry thoughts. With reused color palettes and phasing through decorations as well as walking on territory that should be out of bounds. I leave the game with this result; A fun idea that implements a relaxing aquarium type of feel, but offers not enough difficulty or charm that gives it replay ability.

Doesnt fit my screen

iPhone 7 game doesnt fit my screen and its all jammed up to fit on the screen. Also some buttons are unresponsive.

Please update for iPhone7

Doesnt work for iPhone 7 as the game is zoomed up and now doesnt let the user exit out of the first menu. Literally unplayable


Its a FANTASTIC game! I love the content!! But it doesnt fit on the screen at all.

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