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lags on iphone 7

very slow on iphone 7. also doesnt fit screen. lots of things are cut off


Im a fan of SpongeBob. And when I saw an ad of this game, I had to get it! Its amazing! Totally rating this 5 stars!

Fix resolution for iPhone 7!

Hello! I recently bought this game after 2 years for the iPhone 5. I now have the iPhone 7 and the screen resolution is horrible! Please fix or Ill refund

Almost a YEAR!!

This thing started off super cool, but on February 17, 2016 the developers said EFF it. This game could have been real successful!

In serious need of update

This is a fun game, please please update it!!!!!!

Need to update the game!

Love the game but you guys need to update like everyone else is saying. Please

Yeah the game is still being supported sort of!

Nick, Are you planning to end the life support of this game? If not then fans need more land space, new recipes, new charaters, new decorations, new levels, and actual quests. So bring on the fun!

I love Spongebob, but... (EDIT)

New Update: Thank you for the fix. I can finally play this game without any issues. -------------------------- I love Spongebob. So I got this game and enjoyed it on my iPhone 6. I recently re-downloaded this on my new iPhone 7 and the resolution is messed up. Please fix this.

Finally a update!

Love this game please support it more!

Great game!

This game is a lot of fun! I dont notices the glitches happening very often so that doesnt bother me. The only real issues I have with this game are that you run out of stuff to do once you hit level 20-24 and the only missions you can do are collecting stuff for random members of bikini bottom. Please make seasonal updates and more missions. I still open this game from time to time and have some fun. Great game! Highly recommend that you download.

Great app So Far

I downloaded the game and I was excited to play because I wanted a game like this. But when I downloaded it it doesnt fit my screen! Majority of the game is cut off. Waist of money so far. NICK PLEASE FIX! So I contacted Nick, and responded within a few hours! They said that they were trying to fix the issue and they will let me know when it was fixed. They fixed! Yay! They did contact me the same day they did the update, so far Im enjoying the game

Great game

Careful it is addictive! Their support group is very friendly and helpful too.

Love this game!

I absolutely love this game. Its so addicting. I just wish you would allow more land to be bought. There is so much land that is still available, but the option to buy isnt there. Im on level 29 and there isnt much left of the game for me. Could you also do something about the jellys? Make it so the rest of the characters dont cost so much in jellys? Maybe change them to the coins instead? Make some more recipes. Change the season. Christmas is almost here. Hint hint. Although this game is awesome and very addicting. Im becoming bored

The best app game of all time

Best best best best best Best best best best best Best best best best best


I cant even play when I tap it does nothing ps Im rating five so it will go on the top please FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!


disappointed there is no Christmas update this year.....

Good buuutt......

Its okay but when i was watching the commercial on Nick they made it seem like it was so awesome so I got it when it was the free app of the week just to see if I liked it annnnndddd...... I honesty didnt really like it. I thought it was kinda weird and hard to understand but I mean its okay its not the worst but it isnt the best.

Need Christmas Update!!! CHRISTMAS UPDATE!!!!!

Needs a update reached top level plus need stuff to do!! New stuff would be nice to!!! Need a Christmas UPDATE!!!!! Like last year with the elf and all the fun Christmas stuff!!! SOON VERY VERY SOON PLEASE!!! WHERES THE CHRISTMAS UPDATE????!!!!!


Do not buy this game, I started playing it and it was SOOOOOOO boring

Cool game!

This would be five stars, but just update it more with new stuff, because I already beat it, and it is becoming boring. Otherwise, the game is really fun!

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