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Spongebob moves in

Game is crashing bad and good

Good but...

The game is very fun but whenever you try to go on patchys bikini bottom it crashes. Still a very fun game!


The game is very buggy and it crashes all the time!!!Definitely NOT worth downloading!Waste of time...

Yes but...

Yes!! Thats a great app!! But.. It always crashes when I go to patchys bikini bottom!!


It says for me to give the krabby patty to the green guy but he doesnt want it mr krabs wants it but when I drag it to mr krabs it doesnt work even if I drag it to the green guy. I tried to reinstall it and its still at the same point in the game. If anyone can help I would appreciate that.



This game was such a waste of 1 hr......


This game has potential but stick with Simpsons Tapped Out until they make the necessary fixes! The long load times, constant crashing and the glitches completely ruin what can potentially be a fun game.

Awesome but

I love this game but it needs an update it always crashes when I try to go to pachys bikini bottom. Please fix


There is so many glitches and most of them are it crashing the game do not get it (I got it when it was free)

Must have for all Spongebob fans

I actually cant stop playing it, its charmed me with all the awesome characters. 11/10


This app is terrible I downloaded it and it glitches a lot and whenever I go to pachys bikini bottom at 66% of the loading it crashes!


Crashes often and freezes constantly, I feel bad for anyone that bought it instead of getting it when it was free app of the week.

Why three stars?

Well, this game is great! However it take about a year to load, and crashes fairly often and always when visiting friends, I am a total SpongeBob fan but the way that some of the characters speak does not resemble their personality, sometimes its bang on but other times its like "wait a second they would never says something like that". However this is a fun game if you dont mind the crashing and year long loading, I would recommend getting this game after the next update as atm (at the moment) it is full of bugs!


This app was pretty fun, but when I opened it the next day to continue playing, it had completely reset. Not impressed.


This game is so fun. But the current version after a while keeps crashing. I hope they fix it soon.

Get this game

Its great for anyone who likes spongebob and it is not a pay to win game like most of these types of games

I like this game but whenever I try to go into pachys bikini bottom it crashes

Crashes way to much its fun and stuff and if you say on the game to long the krusty krab and the bakery and the seed shop dont work because the screen turns black when i click them


Crashes every time I go to patches bikini bottom Crashes every 15 minutes Crashes when I try loading the game Now I cant even play it

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