SpongeBob Moves In App Reviews

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Please FIX !!!

Game continues to crash all the time, either when loading (takes forever) or right after it gets loaded. Please fix !!!

Another app crash

This is my last time dealing with this app all my progress and in game purchases are wiped out very disappointed

SpongeBob Moves in

This is the best game ever!!!

Seed shop very limited

The one area that affects the most other parts of game play come from the seed shop and the game only provides 7 plots to grow on. With some items needing 30 minutes or more to grow I find myself spending time just growing stuff and ignoring the characters needs. Ill admit Im not a game whale and wont spend the amount of money needed to overcome this shortfall. Let us turn the green patch of ground into a farm to raise all of the crops needed for better gameplay and Im more likely to buy jellies to increase my capacities within each area.

Needs so many fixes

This would be a really fun game if it was fixed. It has so much that needs fixed. I deleted it may get it back if you fix it.

Coins for jellies

Why not be able to buy jellies with the coins youve earned?

Would like a refund for jelly and the app

I was just wondering if I could have a refund for all the purchases on my account because I owe money and I am getting bored of the app. Also it takes up 635MB on my iPad. Thanks

Crashing :/

Crashes when ever I tap on patchy the privates world



Like it alot

I really enjoy this app. Its very fun and fast moving. But there is just a few things...starting with the fact that it crashes every time I leave someone elses world so I cannot visit. The characters can also be squiggly and its hard to collect rewards without tapping a building or person, you need to add zoom. Everything else the game has is good, but you need to fix these other probs. thank you for reading. A 5 star review in the future :)

Sound effects disappear at random times

I really love this game except for the fact that sometimes the sound effects would disappear at random times and I have to close the app and reopen it again to fix this problem. The music is still playing, only the sound that is not.


This is a good game but it just stops at the start screen and doesnt load


I havent played it because it will not open on my device can you fix it

Play it every day

I love this game and dinner dash I will never delete this game or dinner dash


I LOVE this game but it always crashes when I try to click patchys land.

Wont load

This app wont load. I payed 2.99$ for it and it will not even let me play it. Very disappointed and would like to know why it isnt working or a refund of the game.

Still Christmas items

I still can place Christmas items and every time I try it get it out of my inventory it glitches and where the item is place It turns purple and all the characters start going crazy. The I cant move my screen please fix this I dont want this stuff any more

It has toast

TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSST! Everyone wants toast. Toast 24/7. SpongeBob wants toooast, Patrick wants toooast, and even Mrs. Puff wants toooast, even though I couldnt afford to buy her building because I spent all my money on more toast. But you can even pay real money to get more TOOOAAST! (Isnt that delightful?) This game has truly turned me into a breading toast toaster. As it says in the Mighty Toaster: "Fish do not live by bread alone... BUT BY TOOOOOAST!!!" 11/10. Toast.

Awesome game

This game is cool but I cant get it to open it stay on the load screen please fix issue asap need my spongebob fix.


When ever i tap on pacthys world it crashes at 60 percent

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