SpongeBob Moves In App Reviews

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Please support the Japanese in this app


6sに変えたら、画面が大きくなって、ボタンが押せないので、次に進めない。 I switched 6s. The screen is big. I cant switch it go to next page.


対応してません、、、 可愛いし大好きだから早く改善お願いします

İi bnce




Update 2.0

Made the game for me on a ipad 4 not playable just keeps crashing. Please fix this!!!

Problems with iPad mini 1st gen.

Game doesnt start on iPad mini 1st gen.

Fix this

Im am waiting almost an hour and it wont work im on a iPad mini plz help im getting really mad :/

Great !

Love that game !


Good job nickeloadin sorry cant spell 5 stars

Doesnt WorK!!!!!!!!

Horrible, while your playing it kicks you out of the game!!! Who is responsible for this? Needs to be Fixed ASAP. Why make a game that doesnt work and make ppl pay for it!!!

Fun but really needs and update

This is a great game but Im at level 30 and havent got a new quest in like 10 levels Im starting to get tired of just making food

Its broken

I played all the time. Now it takes 4-5 minutes to load. I cant make any progress. Its frozen in place after it loads so you cant do anything. Fix it.


I havent been able to play for days. This is ridiculous. Im not deleting and reinstalling to lose all my progress. Please fix!! There is always something wrong with this app!

Great App, only at start

This app was great for the first few months of the download, always new content, recipes, characters, and plot lines. But now its more of a collect rent from everyone every hour or so, and the "wishes" you get are simply a "help me shop for groceries!". And leveling up takes A LOT of time. Ive accumulated over 800k gold/coins/monetary units waiting for one level up, with nothing to do other than make things at random, fulfill peoples grocery lists and collect rent! I have another issue: it is EXTREMELY hard to get jelly, even with both jelly hives. The problem with that is some main characters houses can only be obtained by jelly (Sandy, Pearl, Squilliam, etc.) and they are all a crazy amount of jelly


Used to love this game until I went into it and it randomly took like an hour to load, with no sign of stopping.

Fun Game, BUT

This game has too many glitches. Freezes excessively. Once you reach 9999999 coins, the game will not go beyond this coin amount so anytime you complete a Quest it is not added to the coin amount. The game will deduct coins when you purchase. Also, land that was available to purchase at the beginning of the game is no longer available to purchase. Items that are in Patchys (Ferris wheel, etc.) are no where in Bikini Bottom.

Customer Service Help!!!

Did not mean to buy this game, how do I get my money back?

Waste of money

Huge waste of money. They should pay you to play it. For the $5 theres still too many in app purchases. Not a fun game.

Needs updated and Bugs fixed

I have not played this apps in weeks because its frozen in one place. When contacting Tech Support, they say its the memory. This is a game issue not device issue. Other than that the game is addicting and fun to play. Please fix this issue.

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